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About Karlyn Eckman

Artist’s Statement
I paint mainly in the genres of landscape, historical and nautical art, working in oil, watercolor and metalpoint. I am attracted to compositions with balanced forms and strong contrasts of light and shadow. My goal is to create a work that brings beauty, serenity and lasting enjoyment to the owner. I am also committed to fostering the arts and environmental conservation in local communities, both locally and globally, and seek ways to integrate these broad themes.

Art Education
I learned about various media and techniques as a child from my father, Don Eckman. He taught me brush handling and lettering before I attended primary school. As I grew up I learned other methods and media (gold leaf, silk screen, lettering) in his workshop. I was a Studio Arts major at the University of Minnesota for three years before graduating in another discipline. Although I have enjoyed a very rewarding career in natural resources projects in Asia and Africa, I’ve continued to learn and grow mainly as a self-taught artist. I've been influenced by the works of Jim Weisen, Howard Sivertson, Francis Lee Jacques and Andrew Wyeth. I've been fortunate to count Jim Weisen, Hazel Belvo and Howard Sivertson as my mentors.


Artblock complex, 2010 East Hennepin, Minneapolis Minnesota.


Outdoor Painters of Minnesota

2010 Artblok Coop

Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA)


Grand Marais Art Colony

Contact information:

Phone: (01) 651/649-1606
Mobile: (01) 651/308-7285
Email: eckma001@umn.edu

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